Dr. Gagan Deep Singh, MD Psychiatry is a practicing Consultant Psychiatrist, Child, and Adolescent Specialist at Kalra HOSPITAL, Ludhiana. The hospital has made a rather exceptional name in the city. This clinic offers countless patients’ excellent treatment for psychiatric, de-addiction, child, and adolescent psychiatry issues.

Dr. Gagan Deep Singh is a recognized name in the field of Psychiatry and received a lot of appreciation for his work to society. Dr. Gagan Deep Singh has played a vital role in improving the health and well-being of several patients facing mental challenges. He specializes in various subspecialties, including alcohol de-addiction, drug de-addiction, depression counseling, and many more.

This Psychiatrist is involved in Counselling the patient as well as prescribing medication, and at times, laboratory tests are being conducted whenever necessary. He organizes workshops on stress management, parenting skills, and skill-building workshops. In all the years of practice, he has been involved in solving different kinds of mental disorders in adults, children as well as elderly people.